What style shoes can I wear? It’s for a business casual job promotion interview? The attire is business casual. I plan on wearing white linen capri’s, a black with turquoise embroidered Indian style tunic that is about upper thigh length, a few Indian bangles & silver earrings. Absolutely no idea about shoes, I can’t walk in heels.

What style shoes can I wear?Black wedge style shoes or black flats will work with your outfit. Since you describe yourself as “short and heavy” a dark color, monochromatic (one color) outfit would look more flattering and slimming than a two color outfit. Substitute black pants for white pants and pair with your black with turquoise embroidered Indian style tunic.  Keep the focus on your head area with your silver earrings (forget the bangles), an up-to-date hairstyle and flattering (light) makeup. Good luck getting the promotion.

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Career Clothing Q & A

Office Fashion and Etiquette
Fashion, your appearance and office etiquette, say a multitude about you and can determine how far up the ladder of success you’ll be going. When it comes to fashion at your office know what position and / or title you want to achieve and dress for that position. The way you present yourself says whether you are ” on the ball”.

Business Casual for Women
Business casual attire for women continues to pose a challenge for many women that are serious about climbing the corporate ladder. “Casual” implies laid back or not serious. However an office environment means business. it is important to choose your business casual clothes carefully. You are being judged whether it is a regular workday day or casual Friday’s. When dressing for a casual workday it is prudent to stick close to your normal business attire.