Style your July 4th Outfit with a Summer Trend

Style your 4th of July Outfit with a Summer TrendSummer Trend – Red Accessories

Style your July 4th outfit with a summer trend. Your invited to a 4th of July party or going to watch the fireworks. Wherever you are or wherever you’re going  you want to spice up your look. We think one of these 4 trends will do the trick!

Style your 4th of July Outfit with a Summer Trend

Add red accessories to whatever floats your boat. Red is hot color this season and perfect to incorporate into your 4th of July outfit. A scarf, belt, bag, hat, shoes or red jewelry will elevate any outfit to celebrate Independence Day.

Style your 4th of July Outfit with a Summer Trend

You can’t beat red and white gingham a summer favorite and hot trend this summer. Show a little skin with an off the shoulder top. You can wear a red and white gingham blouse with blue, red or white and look totally patriotic.

Style your 4th of July Outfit with a Summer Trend
A pair of cowboy boots go with a skirt, shorts or dress outfit that’s red, white and or blue. Denim clothing, such as a dress, looks like 4th of July holiday attire with a touch or red or red and white. Think of adding a red accessory such as a red belt and or red, white and blue scarf to a denim dress.

Khakis and chinos are another trend this summer. The perfect neutral that looks fantastic with the 4th of July colors: red, white and blue.

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What can I wear to 4th of July picnic, in Napa, CA?
The 4th of July is a way for Americans to celebrate their Independence from the British Empire. The colors red, white and blue, or any combinations of them, the flag colors, are popular at all July 4th celebrations. Check the weather in Napa. A picnic is a favorite summer outing, usually casual. Pants, shorts, skirts and / or summer dresses (shifts, maxi and sun dresses) are all perfect for a picnic in Napa. Wear your red, white and blue in something casual that flatters you and will be comfortable. A hat, shades and sunscreen to protect from the sun are essential. Evenings cool down in California so have a lightweight jacket, sweater or other wrap to keep you warm at the firework celebrations.