How do you style floral prints for fall & winter?

How do you style floral prints for fall & winter?Floral prints were not worn in the fall and winter years ago. However like other fashion rules that have been challenged in today’s world, wearing them in the fall and winter are no exceptions. Floral prints are dramatic, chic and can spice up a fall and / or winter look when styled properly. Dark colors and smaller scale prints on heavier or fall fabrics such as velvets, wools and leathers are great in cooler weather. When considering floral prints size is important. Smaller and medium size prints work for most women. Not only are they easier to wear they are great when layering with leggings, tights and sweaters in the fall and winter seasons. You can mix different textures when styling dark floral prints or for an edgy look mix several floral prints together and / or mix with something graphic like stripes, checks, or plaids.

How do you style floral prints for fall & winter?How do you style floral prints for fall & winter? How do you style floral prints for fall & winter?

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Wearing Prints and Patterns
When wearing prints and patterns or choosing anything to wear, we want to accentuate the positive. The first thing to think about when selecting prints or patterned clothing is the proportion or scale. Large prints will call attention to you and your size. Small women don’t look good in clothing with large prints or patterns. Large women are already noticeable and will just call attention to their size when wearing large prints or patterns. Scale the prints to your size and you’re “good to go.”

How to wear bold geometric prints?
When selecting bold geometric prints consider the proportion of the print in relation to your size. Large patterns can add weight to your figure. Anna Sui, designer, is known for her beautiful prints. She suggests avoiding geometric prints in form fitting pieces and choosing looser shift styles in dresses and blouses. She also feels that a dark background like  navy or black make geometric prints more flattering. Bold geometric prints might be easier to wear on top instead of on skirts or dresses.  When wearing print pants you can wear a dark top, like a tunic, that covers up your behind and hips. Other tips from Ms. Sui: Loud prints in pastels can seem louder and when mixing different prints they work best if they have the same color background. Tone down your makeup when wearing bold prints.

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