What style & color hat can I wear to the Kentucky Derby? My dress is raspberry color.

What style & color hat can I wear to the Kentucky Derby with a raspberry color dress?How lucky you are to be going to the Kentucky Derby! The Kentucky Derby has become a fashion extravaganza. Women dress up big time for this event wearing spectacular hats and stylish clothes. When it comes to hats anything goes and you will see everything from funky to elegant. Wide brimmed, colorful hats are very popular at the Derby. Since you have a raspberry color dress you can choose a hat in pinks, purples and / or raspberry colors. Your hat can have flowers, ribbons, feathers, etc. With a simple style dress you can wear an extravagant hat or go for something more understated for a classic elegant look. Consider your size when selecting a hat with a brim. Comfort and proportion are important when choosing your hat. If you are tiny wear a fascinator instead of a hat.

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