Is a striped top appropriate with a floral skirt? I would like to wear this to a rehearsal dinner.

Is a striped top appropriate A striped top is appropriate to wear with a floral skirt and will look great at a rehearsal dinner. Mixing prints is a huge trend today. You can mix stripes, polka dots, and animal prints with florals or other prints. Different florals or prints can be combined together in the same outfit and look especially chic when they are in different sizes and in the same color family. Once upon a time it was not considered stylish to mix patterns together but breaking fashion rules is one of the latest fashion trends. If you have never experimented with mixing patterns and prints, stripes and polka dots are the easiest prints to combine with patterned fabrics. Note how the black shoes match the black color in the stripe top and pull the outfit together. Little jewelry such as only earrings should be enough.

Is a striped top appropriate with a floral skirt? top_stripe-shirt-green Is a striped top appropriate with a floral skirt?

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How do you style floral prints for fall & winter?
Floral prints were not worn in the fall and winter years ago. However like other fashion rules that have been challenged in today’s world, wearing them in the fall and winter are no exceptions. Floral prints are dramatic, chic and can spice up a fall and / or winter look when styled properly. Dark colors and smaller scale prints on heavier or fall fabrics such as velvets, wools and leathers are great in cooler weather.

Can you mix leopard, stripes and florals?
You can mix leopard, stripes and florals in one outfit or wear two different prints together. For the best results when combining prints keep your fabrics in the same color family or different shades of the same color and style different size prints together. More ideas on pairing your prints are to choose one print to dominate or wear the same print in different colors.

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