Stretching for Better Health

Nancy Spivey, Certified Personal TrainerNancy stretching!

Stretching for More Flexibility

Spend hours at your desk? Travel long distances in an airplane? Need more flexibility? By stretching in a chair or in an airplane seat for just a few minutes, you will feel more flexible, have more energy and be more productive.

Find a class at your local gym or contact a certified personal trainer to help you get started with some safe and easy stretches. Many stretches can be done while sitting in a chair, with carryover value for those long airplane rides. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel at the end of a workday or airplane ride if you will give your body a good stretch!

Seven Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

from the
Mayo Clinic Website

1. Exercise improves your mood.

2. Exercise combats chronic diseases.

3. Exercise helps you manage your weight.

4. Exercise strengthens your heart and lungs.

5. Exercise promotes better sleep.

6. Exercise can put the spark back
into your sex life.

7. Exercise can be fun!

Fitness Tips

1. Set aside 30 minutes to work out or walk every day.

2. Don’t over eat. Maintain your weight level.

3. Limit alcohol intake to 1 or 2 drinks.

4. Water is the best!


Nancy Spivey

Nancy Spivey
Guest Writer 
Certified Personal Trainer