What stockings/leggings are fashionable that won’t make me look old? I am a manager (mid 50’s ) at a financial company & meet with clients. I wear both prints & solid color dresses & am on the thin side.

What stockings/leggings are fashionable that won't make me look old?Being a manager at a financial company means dressing on the conservative side and looking professional. Luckily there are many legwear options today that are fashionable. Sheer black stockings will almost go with anything but there are some great ultra sheer stockings in neutral color that are available today for a stylish look. The ultra sheer neutral color stockings are hardly detectable (if you want the no stocking look) but they give your legs a smooth and flawless appearance. Sheer pattern stockings are another option and when the weather is cool, colored tights are chic. A trim figure, a skirt a little above knee with colored stockings (if flattering) and colorful accessories also gives one a youthful look.

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