What kind of stockings & shoes can I wear for a date? I plan on wearing a short, Chinese dress for a dressy, dinner date in Michigan in November. I want to look trendy in a classy way but not stick out like a sore thumb.

What kind of stockings & shoes can I wear for a date? A dressy dinner date sounds awesome. Michigan can be cold in November. Since your dress is short wear sheer black stockings and black pumps, slingback or peep toe style shoes. You will look stylish and your legs will be warm.

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Go Without Hose or Wear Stockings?
Today many young women don’t own a pair of stockings. You see the younger generation walking around the city in business suits during the day and out in the evening without hose winter and summer.

Dressing for a Date! – Get it Right!
A first date to the cinema to watch Scooby Doo is a far cry from a graduation ball or a black tie dinner. Guy’s or gals need to consider where it is they’re going. It goes without saying that he or she will be hoping to impress, so at least make sure sufficient levels of effort and scouting have gone into what’s expected.

Party Dress Codes
It is almost always exciting and fun when a party invitation arrives. However sooner or later we have to start to think about what we will wear. When types of “dress codes” are indicated such as “smart casual”, “semi-formal,” “vineyard casual”, “festive”,  “cocktail chic” or etc. it can throw us for a loop. Where should one begin to figure out what any of these types of dress codes mean?

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