Statement Shoes: Platforms

  Statement Shoes: PlatformsStatement Shoes: PlatformsStatement Shoes: Platforms

Statement Shoes: Platforms

Statement shoes: platforms! Some platform shoe styles can add 4 or 5 inches to your height (or more?). Agreed looking taller and slender is appealing, and quite a few of us can benefit from adding a few inches to our legs. However, blurred by our long leg dream, the platforms have taken over our common sense. Perched on unstable blocks, we stomp the street unfortunately failing to realize how ungracefully we move.


The shoes define the walk and a graceful walk is the result of one’s ability to balance oneself moving as lightly as possible. It is a balancing act, the perfect arch, that designers like Manolo Blahnik have made their fortunes from. Not unlike dancing, walking elegantly requires skills and it all starts with the foot and the shoes.

When gaining height means loosing grace, and risking danger, resist the long leg dream and save yourself from an embarrassing fall.


Jeannick Minet
Guest Writer