Stand Out From the Crowd

Army Air-Force Pin-Up-Girl PosterStand Out
Lessons to Learn From the Pin-Up Girls

Stand out from the crowd like these style icons. Even sixty years later, names like Brigitte Bardot, Betty Grable, and Bettie Page are recognizable as style icons. There was just something about these models that radiated from their photos and deemed them unforgettable. Today, you can capture their memorability by keeping in mind a few simple principles.


1) A smile is the sexiest thing you can wear.
Whatever may (or may not) be covering your body, you will radiate confidence and charm by flashing a smile. Though today’s models prefer to don a moody pout, any pin-up girl will tell you that a happy woman is simply irresistible.

2) Play with color.
Sticking with neutrals is easy and quick, but the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward! You’ll stand out from the crowd in a bright cranberry or a kelly green. Keeping your wardrobe bright is a great way to look youthful and cheery.

3) Above all else, stay confident.
The thing that makes the 1950s-era models really special is their belief in themselves. You can see in their photos that they’re having fun; it doesn’t matter if the men buying the photos find the girls sexy, because they know that they are. Don’t take yourself too seriously – you are playing dress-up, after all.


Daisy Rogozinsky

Guest Writer