What is a spaghetti strap?

What is a spaghetti strap?What is a spaghetti strap? For my prom, dresses with spaghetti straps aren’t allowed. The straps on my dress are thick on the front  in width (not spaghetti straps) on the front of my dress. In the back (top of shoulders until the back) the thick straps becomes thin like spaghetti straps. I would like to know if the whole strap is a spaghetti strap even if it’s only at the back side of it.

A spaghetti strap as a very thin piece of material that is worn over the shoulder (from front to back) to form a shoulder strap on a bare-shouldered garment. (See picture at right.) It seems to me the straps on your dress would not be considered spaghetti straps. Your dress would probably pass the test if the front is modest, not sexy, looking. If in doubt it would be best to check with someone in charge of the prom dress code or wear something that you know will pass the dress code test.

What is a spaghetti strap? What is a spaghetti strap? What is a spaghetti strap? What is a spaghetti strap?

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Finding a perfect prom dress means planning ahead. Begin by searching magazines and online to see what is available and get an idea of what’s out there, what you like and price ranges. Then you can set a budget (ball park figure) for what you need to spend. Keep in mind you’ll need shoes, jewelry, purse and a wrap in addition to a prom dress. These items should be included in your budget. If you are getting your hair done and a manicure and pedicure they will need to be included also. Check out this App called Plan’it Prom. It features a timeline and budget calculator as well as saving tips.

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