5 Smart Packing Tips for Travelers

Smart Packing Trips for TravelersSmart Packing Tips for Travelers

Smart packing is a given today. Taking two bags one with clothing and a smaller carry-on, allowed on most flights, insures you don’t have to wait for bags when you arrive at your destination. Also when a flight gets cancelled after you have checked baggage you have everything with you.  Traveling is so much more enjoyable when you don’t have a lot of clothes and other stuff to keep track of and pack and unpack.

1.) What activities and events will you be doing on a trip? Lay out outfits with accessories for each event. Only bring clothing you can wear 2 or more times. Once you lay out what you are packing “edit it”. That means getting rid of some of the stuff.

2.) Roll your clothes, such as socks, underwear and accessories, and put inside your shoes. This is an amazing way to save space. If you have some old things that you want to get rid of bring them and toss after you wear as you travel.

3.) Use sandwich bags to hold your jewelry. You can put all of your earrings in one bag and necklaces in one or more bags to prevent getting tangled. Limit the number of earrings and necklaces that you pack and don’t bring anything you wouldn’t like to lose.

4.) Separate underwear and tops in different bags from pants, dresses and skirts for easier packing and unpacking. When clothing is separated it is easier to find things when you travel to a new place. Pants are easier to travel with since they take up less space and don’t get wrinkled when folded with plastic bags. Many hotel rooms don’t have places to put all your things and you have to live out of your suitcase.

5.) Pack a multi-socket extension cord to charge all of your electronics at once. With all the electronics we bring on trips this makes charging devices so much easier. Also it is difficult finding outlets in many hotel rooms.

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