Show Off Those Beautiful Legs!

Show Off Those Beautiful Legs!Smooth Summertime Legs

OK ladies, we are officially in swimsuit and summer dress season so let’s show off those beautiful legs!  But before you do, take care to make sure your gams are in tip top shape and ready for those admirers by keeping them silky smooth. There are many ways to remove unwanted body hair these days so I will list a few basics to help you step into summer.


First, a classic, and personally my favorite is shaving. I must admit that I do not have the patience to let my leg hair grow out to a length where I can have it waxed so this is my fail safe method. For really smooth results make sure to invest in a good razor. These days there are so many on the market and the best I have found are the 3 and 4 blade variety.

The second detail is to use either shaving cream (men have been using it to shave their faces for centuries) or a thick conditioner. The benefit of using conditioner is the massive amount of hydration it provides. Also, for the most amazing date night legs, use a salt scrub before (very important to do it before NOT after, otherwise it will hurt) you shave which results in the sexiest smooth legs ever!

Next are depilatory creams. They are applied to the desired area and left on for a specific a mount of time until the disulphide bonds of the hair are broken down to the point where the hair is easily wiped away. This method can get closer than shaving and lasts slightly longer.

Waxing legs is a popular choice among many women because of the long-lasting results. The longer you use this method over time less and less of the hair grows back. There are many at home waxing kits with waxes that can be heated up in the microwave but speaking from experience, I recommend going to a professional and saving yourself the hassle as it can get a little messy.

Lastly is the latest in hair removal called the no!no!  It is a compact hair removal device that uses a thermodynamic wire to transmit heat to the hair. This heat travels below the skin’s surface and singes the hair resulting in longer lasting hair removal. As with waxing, this also has longer lasting effects with long-term use.

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