Should I wear a bra when I go out with my husband? I am 48 years old & my husband says I am still hot.

Should I wear a bra when I go out with my husband?A bra that fits you properly can enhance your appearance. A bra gives a big breasted women support. If you are small chested you may be fine going without a bra with some styles of clothing such as halter tops.  In order to decide if you want to go braless when you go out with your husband you will have to do a mirror check with and without a bra to see the difference in how you look. You can then decide whether you want to go braless when you go out with your husband. Most women look better when they wear under garments.

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Ways to Get a Great Bra Fit
Knowing how to find the right size bra now will help you with your health and your self esteem for the rest of your life! Whether you have questions about how to bra should fit, or simply how to pick one out, the below tips will make sure you get a great fit for the rest of your life.

Intimate Must Haves
Beverly Weinkauf, owner Toujours ( — a tiny shop offering a selection of fine intimate  lingerie designed to make women more attractive and sexy, says lingerie has always reflected the lifestyle and female fashions of the day. She selects styles based on quality, how well they are designed and how well they fit. She has been in business for twenty years and has seen a number of changes in women’s intimate lingerie over the years. We asked Beverly to list the essential intimate lingerie.

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