Short Styles

Short StylesShort Styles

Summer and warm weather bring out the short styles. Shorts and mini skirts however are both in style all year around today. Mini’s are provocative and sexy and are must haves if you have the body and place to wear them. Of course if you are young you have an advantage. The overweight, over 40 or anyone with unattractive legs should avoid wearing them. Mini shorts and skirts look stylish with flats, flat and heeled sandals, flip-flops, trainers, pumps, platform sandals and wedge style shoes.


One of the fashionable colors in summer is always white. Other solid colors, stripes and prints are also favorites on shorts and mini skirts in the summer. Shorts come in a variety of styles from mini to just above the knees, wide and comfortable, with or without pockets and at the waist or below. Denim shorts continue to be in fashion. Trendy denims may have cuffs, rips, fringes, abrasions, etc.

Where can you wear shorts and mini skirts? Females are wearing them everywhere. The photos below were taken in New York City. Anything goes but my preference is to wear short shorts for casual events and in the suburbs. Mini skirts are appropriate in the city or country. To look chic stay away from anything too short or too tight.