Short skirts and women over 40

Short skirts and women over 40 Short skirts and women over 40 Short skirts and women over 40

Some Knees Look Better than Others!

Short skirts are becoming more popular with women over 40. But age has nothing to do with how short your skirt can be. What matters is that you have great legs and a figure that looks good in a short skirt. Unfortunately some women are putting comfort ahead of style today and wear what they want whether it looks good or bad.

When the temperatures rise, women of all ages dress in clothing such as shorts and over the knee dresses and short skirts to be comfortable. In addition sometimes it can be very difficult to find summer clothing with longer skirts. If there is any upside it is that everyone has their knees showing so you don’t stand out in the crowd with ugly knees and / or white legs. Unfortunately that doesn’t make you look good but you fit in with the masses. If you want to look good as you age look for longer length shorts and hemlines that hit the top or mid-knee. If you are over 40 check how your knees look. If you are fortunate to have good-looking knees no problem wearing short skirts.

Short skirts and women over 40 Short skirts and women over 40 Short skirts and women over 40

In the cooler climates and cold weather short skirts and dresses look great with tights, leggings or dark stockings that hide the knees. If you look good in short skirts wear them in the fall and winter with appropriate legwear and you will look very stylish. Every season designers feature new hemline lengths. Sometimes high and sometimes low. The good news is that today all hemlines are in fashion. Women can wear hemlines that flatter their figure type and age and look chic.

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Are hemlines up or down? How can I determine what hemline is best for me?
Hemlines go up and down. The length of your hemline should be determined by your height and what figure type you have and the occasion for which you are wearing the outfit rather than your age or trends. However most women over 25 don’t look so great in micro minis. First take your figure type into consideration. If you have a good figure choose a hem that goes to the middle of your knee cap. You can wear a shorter hem (2″-3″) above the knee if you have good-looking legs and knees. (Knees are ugly and you do not want them to be exposed.) The taller you are the longer your hem can be and still look flattering; try a mid calf length. If you are short and heavier your hem will look best if it covers your knee to 1/2′ below. The best way to decide on a hem length is to try different lengths on and look in a mirror. Anything goes if it looks great on you!

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