What type of clothing flatters short males?

What type of clothing flatters short males?Short males like short females look best wearing dark monochromatic colored outfits (one color) or different shades of the same color. One color outfits give you a taller and slimmer look. Navy blue is the most flattering color for any skintone. Wearing a different color top with a different color bottom cuts you in half and makes you appear shorter. Also avoid any statement belts / buckles and jewelry. Wear a black belt and black shoes with dark outfits. Vertical stripes are more slimming than horizontal stripes. When purchasing a suit look for a dark navy blue and wear blue shirts unless it is very formal and you need to wear a white shirt.  Navy slacks or dark navy jeans look good with a black top or print stripe or check shirts with a dark navy background. Other dark colors such as charcoal gray, black or dark brown are good but build your wardrobe around one dark color.

More tips: Long pants and long sleeves are very stylish  on short men. Look for smooth fabrics, fitted, tailored style clothing, shoes with some heel and find a fabulous tailor to make clothing adjustments. Stay slim and in good shape and draw attention upwards toward your face with a flattering hairstyle. Do an Internet search to get more ideas.

What type of clothing flatters short males? What type of clothing flatters short males? What type of clothing flatters short males?

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What shirt & shoes can I wear with white pants & a red tie?
Shirt and shoes should not be a problem to coordinate with your white pants and red tie. A colored shirt that looks good with red such as blue, purple, pink or even a mustard yellow would all look great with white pants and a red tie.  Other shirt ideas would be red and white or blue and white check or stripe shirts or a red , white and blue stripe or plaid shirt would also go with a red tie. Tan shoes or white loafers or white canvas shoes would look good with your white pants and are a better way to go than black accessories. If you are short wear a white belt and white shoes. Tan shoes and a tan belt would work with any of the combinations but are better on tall men. Shoes and belt do not have to match.