Would a short dress & stockings look good together?

Would a short dress & stockings look good together?If your short dress is not too short you can wear sheer neutral color stockings with it. If it is very short (thigh high) think about wearing tights to look stylish and in good taste. Dresses that are thigh high look good on young girls with nice figures and should be avoided if you are not in this category.

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What is A Good Investment in Clothing?
We have a tradition in our family.  We go to a movie every day during the holiday season from December 25th right through to New Year’s Day. It’s a fun tradition that I always look forward to. One of my favorite movies was “Up in the Air.” George Clooney plays the main character, an executive, who travels around the country to fire people. He has no life to speak of.  He carries all he needs in one wheel-away suitcase.

The Basic Tee
The white tee shirt is an American classic. In terms of style it suits all fashion people whether high fashion divas, cheap, chic fashoinistas, or laid back fashion chicks the basic tee shirt can work in any wardrobe.

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