Shoe Style and Color

Shoe Style and Color xxx Shoe Style and Color Shoe Style and Color

Shoe Style and Color

Shoe style and color can be daunting for many based on the number of questions we get from folks. From time to time all of us get perplexed deciding what shoes to wear with what. In can be very challenging when you see all the different styles and colors of shoes available. How do you decide on your shoe style and shoe color?

How to choose a shoe style that works with your outfit.
Start by putting together the outfit you plan to wear and next decide if the style of your outfit is casual or dressy. For casual outfits a casual shoe style such as flip-flops, ankle boots, ballerina flats, sandals, sport shoes or loafers are some ideas. You can wear a chunkier shoe with casual clothes.

When it comes to matching a dressy style ensemble look at something with a heel if possible. How high you want to go is up to you but common sense says you want to avoid tripping and breaking a leg, hip or something else. In general dressy shoes tend to have a more delicate look.

There are a few styles you can wear with casual or dressy such as pump style shoes and some flats or strappy sandals are perfect with either.

How to choose a shoe color that works with your outfit.
In general darker color shoes look stylish with dark outfits with a few exceptions and the same goes for light color outfits. They generally look better with light color clothes. Neutral color shoes such as bone, gold or silver metallic or black patent leather can be worn with any color.

Shoe Style and Color Shoe Style and Color Shoe Style and Color

Printed shoes like animal prints and florals work with outfits that have one of their colors in the shoes. For example animal prints in black, white and brown will work with an outfit with one or more of those colors. A print dress in pinks, reds and oranges can be worn with pink, red or orange shoes.

1.  Invest in the best quality shoe you can afford.
2.  Only buy shoes that fit properly and are comfortable to wear.
3.  If your budget is limited a pair of black leather pumps is the best investment for work and dress up.
4.  A casual shoe style and color that goes with everything is also a good investment for weekends.
5. Try several styles of shoes on with an outfit to see which look best.
6.  If your legs and ankles are unattractive stick to wearing simple style plain shoes that don’t call attention to that area.


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