What color shirt & tie should my husband wear when I wear a silver sequin dress? We are going on a cruise.

What color shirt & tie should my husband wear when I wear a silver sequin dress?A shirt and tie that coordinates with your silver sequin dress would be cool. A gray tie or a tie with gray and the color of his suit would coordinate with a silver sequin dress. If your husband wears a black suit and white shirt a solid gray color tie or a tie with black, gray and white stripes would look elegant with your dress.

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What to Pack for a Cruise?
Most of the major cruise lines have suggestions on their websites regarding what to wear on the cruise ship you are sailing. Check their website before you decide what to pack. The weather where you will be spending your cruise is the first consideration before you begin packing. Other important things to know are how formal or casual the ship is that you will be cruising on and the length of your cruise.

Packing for a Caribbean Cruise
A Caribbean cruise  is a chance to relax in style and get some rays. A cruise is a chance to pick out vacation clothes, and a great  excuse to go shopping. You have to get new clothes to feel great on your trip right? Here are my recommendations for what to include on your Caribbean cruise or a tropical destination.

Travel Wardrobe Planning
Travel wardrobe planning is essential for an enjoyable trip. Determine how many days you will be traveling and what activities you’ll be doing. Separates can be mixed and matched easily and you can add variety with colorful scarves and a few pieces of costume jewelry. Dress codes are relaxed today. No need for a lot of dressy clothes unless you are going to a special event like a wedding, etc.