What should a bride wear for her second marriage? I am 55, tall & thick in my mid section.

What should a bride wear for her second marriage?A second marriage is another great occasion to celebrate love and happiness. Since you are tall a midi length bridal dress would be lovely. Today anything goes (even white) however a color would be fabulous since you probably wore white the first time and a colored dress is considered more chic for a second marriage. Ways that you can draw attention upward away from your mid section would be to wear a simple style dress that has some design element around the neckline, wear a simple style dress with a statement necklace or statement earrings depending on the neckline of your dress and / or wear a beautiful hair ornament with your wedding dress. Drawing attention upward will put the focus on you where it should be. Best wishes!

What should a bride wear for her second marriage? What should a bride wear for her second marriage? What should a bride wear for her second marriage?

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Beautiful Brides Around the World
Take a peak at beautiful brides around the world in their gorgeous bridal gowns. Photos taken in Croatia, Stockholm, Edenburgh, Russia, China, USA, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica and more. White, the symbolic color for weddings, seems to be the most popular color for wedding dresses. However different cultures have different customs. Note Chinese brides favor red as the symbol of luck. Many of our recent brides are wearing shorter dresses and some brides are looking edgy wearing colored shoes. Years ago, for a second marriage one would never wear white. Today, the tradition has changed whether it is a first, second or third wedding, white wedding dresses are acceptable. Once the wedding date is set and the type of wedding is decided, set a budget for the wedding dress and start searching for the perfect wedding dress. (allow plenty of time.)

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Makeup trends that makeup artists suggest for the wedding day change in accordance to changes in fashion. For the brides perfect look many stylists and makeup artists offer concrete advice on wedding makeup preparations. Let’s look into the world of makeup secrets. Renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown, the woman behind a line of make-up by the same name, offers some tips that relate to the glamorous look for your wedding day.

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