What are ropers?

What are ropers?Ropers get their name from calf ropers. They are shorter versions of cowboy boots with a rounder toe and chopped down heel. They are a tough boot made with a dense hide. They slip on and off ( no lacing required) making them très comfortable and easy to wear. Ropers hold up walking through slushy weather and look chic in the city with suits on snowy days in the winter.

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Hey there Mr. too much or too little cologne?
Knowing the differences will help you with picking the right fragrance for your needs or for a specific event. These types mainly differ by the concentration of oils and alcohol in the fragrance. The amount of oils and alcohol is what determines how strong the scent will be, and how long it will last. And no, the title has nothing to do with who’s it’s for. Perfume is not meant for women only, and colognes are not for men. (Although this is usually the terminology).

What shirt & shoes can I wear with white pants & a red tie?
Shirt and shoes should not be a problem to coordinate with your white pants and red tie. A colored shirt that looks good with red such as blue, purple, pink or even a mustard yellow would all look great with white pants and a red tie.  Other shirt ideas would be red and white or blue and white check or stripe shirts or a red , white and blue stripe or plaid shirt would also go with a red tie. Tan shoes or white loafers or white canvas shoes would look good with your white pants and are a better way to go than black accessories. If you are short wear a white belt and white shoes. Tan shoes and a tan belt would work with any of the combinations but are better on tall men. Shoes and belt do not have to match.

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