Are red shoes a good option with a black dress? I’m going to a Gala event. My dress is long, stain, black with a bit of rhinestones. I’m wearing red stain shoes to match my husbands tie etc. I’m not sure what color to paint my nails? Hair style, straight or curly? Makeup?

Are red shoes a good option with a black dress?Red shoes look good with black dresses so give them a try. You can paint your nails in a soft gold or silver color or red (as long as it matches your red shoes). Consult a make up expert to help you find flattering makeup for your skin tone and always wear your hair the way it looks most flattering on you.

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Pretty Nails
Pretty nails have been a beauty goal forever. Nail color has been around for a long time. Cleopatra is said to have worn a deep red color on her nails. French women began getting French manicures in the eighteenth-century. In the early 1900’s Cutex introduced liquid nail polish. In the 1940’s after WWll getting a manicure and / or pedicure began to grow in popularity. Today manicures and pedicures are not only fashion rituals, but because of the popularity of open toe shoes, and sandals pretty nails have become necessities for many women.

Basic Make-Up Tips
Today make-up is like other fashion, anything goes if it works for you. That means taking into consideration your skin tone, activity, age, etc. Don’t wear too much make-up. The more make-up you wear the older and cheaper you look. Below are some general guidelines on how to apply make-up.