Red Lipstick – a Trademark of Valentine’s Day

Red Lipstick - a Trademark of Valentine’s DayRed Lipstick

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner it seems appropriate to talk about lipstick. Red lipstick is sexy and can be the first thing noticed when meeting someone. Lipstick has the power to transform one and seduce. It is timeless and validates femininity, can be a morale booster is bold, glamorous and can elevate the outfit you are wearing.

Lip painting goes back to Egyptian times and has continued until today. The acceptability of lipstick has varied over time. It was popular with prostitutes at one time and other times only worn by the upper classes. Lipsticks are accepted today both socially and morally all over the world. Most females would never leave home each day without their lipsticks.

How women choose the color of the lipstick they wear can be by their mood, their skintone or what colors they are wearing. Some women have one or two lipsticks that they wear for years. Other women are constantly changing their lipstick colors or mixing two or three colors together. Originally lipsticks were all red but today they come in numerous colors. Like other fashion trends the current trend is there is no trend, anything goes. Below are yummy reds that are popular best sellers and favorites for Valentine’s Day!

Red Lipstick - a Trademark of Valentine’s Day Passionate Kiss

Guerlain produced the first commercially successful lipstick in1880. Their Passionate Kiss (lip palette ombre) contains 4 colors to use in any combination you can mix together. 25 Garconne is another favorite color of theirs.

NARS has a red liquid lipstick called Power Matte. Also the color Star Woman is a favorite.

MAC claims Viva Glam1, a burgundy tone red, and Ruby Woo, a bright red, are their popular red lipsticks.

Bobbie Brown’s favorite reds are #10 Red, a classic, and the first red they created and Hollywood Red a lip gloss.

Dior suggests Rouge Couture a red that works for every skintone and Rouge Liquid (matte outside & metallic inside),  a two in one lipstick. They have a lip moisturizer called Dior Addict.  Dior claims it will plump up the volume of your lips. Has a hydra-plumping texture made of 70% visually magnifying “stretch-oils” combined with Hyaluronic Acid Spheres.

Chanel loves Rouge Allure, a matte lipstick, for Valentine’s Day!

Rituel de Fille’s Written in Blood Forbidden Lipstick is a firey color that compliments a number of skintones.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna credits Uncensored, Stunna Lip Paint, a flattering red, with looking great on every skintone.

Get ready to leave your mark on Valentine’s Day!

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