Can I wear a red dress to my son’s wedding?

Can I wear a red dress to my son's wedding?Can I wear a red dress to my son’s wedding? My son is getting married the middle of February.

A red dress in February is associated with Valentine’s Day and symbolizes love. However the color red can be bold and attention-getting and might draw attention away from the woman of the moment, the bride. If the wedding colors are red or red and another color such as pink or violet a red dress would look appropriate (if it is in good taste). A wedding is a special day for the bride and she should be the star on her wedding day. It would be considerate to check with your son’s soon to be wife to see how she feels about you wearing red on her big day. You want to get off on the right foot with her. If she approves and the color works with the color scheme of the wedding the answer is yes you can wear a red dress to your son’s wedding.

Tip: Good taste means a simple style dress, with a hem no higher than the  top of the knee, and no cleavage showing.

Can I wear a red dress to my son's wedding? Can I wear a red dress to my son's wedding? Can I wear a red dress to my son's wedding?

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