Ramp Up Your Style with Red

Ramp Up Your Style with RedRamp Up Your Style with Red

Valentines Day is approaching and February is a perfect time to find the color red that flatters you. Red is a color everyone can wear. Red is warm, positive, powerful and gives you a youthful appearance, an energetic look and confidence. Wear red virtually anywhere and at anytime.

A great way to find the color(s) red that is most flattering on you is by visiting a cosmetic counter where you can experiment with different colors of red next to your face. Once you find the red(s) that flatters your skin tone you can begin to experiment by adding some red to your wardrobe and style. Red is an intense color, definitely a statement color, so don’t over do it.

How to wear Red:

Lipstick – A great shade of red lipstick is a way add some color to your face. Your red lipstick should match any red clothing you are wearing. In general a darker shade looks good with darker skin or a brighter shade with a tint of orange is flattering with lighter skin. Down play your eye makeup when wearing a bright red color lipstick.

Accessorize – Add some red to POP a classic outfit. Wear one or two matching color accessorizes in red. A red belt and red shoes or red shoes and a red handbag are enough. Another way to go is a colorful scarf with red and a pair of red shoes. You don’t want to look too matchy, matchy.

The Main Attraction – A red dress makes a statement so keep your accessories simple. One statement is enough for any outfit. A red dress will attract attention and focus on you.  Avoid wearing red with red.  Wear red with Neutrals

Shoes – A simple closed toe red pump is your best bet. You can wear them with both casual and dressy outfits. Pair red shoes with patterns that have some red in them. Wear your red pumps with casual clothes.

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