Pulling Off the Hat Trend

Pulling Off the Hat TrendA Little Tilt Adds Style
Pulling Off the Hat Trend

“A hat makes clothing identifiable, dramatic and, most importantly, fashion … It’s the cherry on the cake, the dot on the ‘i’, the exclamation mark, the fashion focus. Everyone from showgirls to dictators knows that by wearing a hat they will be centre of attention.”
Stephen Jones, Millinery Designer

Pulling off the hat trend has to do with color, proportion, your hair style and confidence. The color of hat you wear should flatter your skintone (warm or cool) color. Choose hat colors that work with most of your wardrobe. Proportion has to do with the size of the hat and/or brim. Tall women can pull off larger size hats and hats with larger brims but shorter females are best to go with smaller size hats and no more than a 3 inch brim.

As far as the right hair style for hats, there are no hard and fast rules. Some hair stylists believe you should add volume to your hair before putting on your hat. Others suggest flipping your hair in the opposite direction that you usually wear your hair. A little experimentation is needed to find the best hairstyle that works for you when wearing a hat.

How to Wear a Hat presented by Philip Ian Wright

Confidence is a must when wearing a hat. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a hat it shows. Picking the right style will help you feel comfortable and give you confidence to pull off wearing a hat. There are enough hat styles available to make it easy to find one that flatters you. Look for a good style (simple and classic) hat made from quality materials in a neutral color. A fedora is one of the easiest styles to wear.

Tips on choosing a flattering hat style:
Match your cheek bones to the crown of the hat.
Round faces look good in hats that have narrow crowns with brims.
Long faces look good with wide flat tops or hats that have round crowns with brims.
Square faces can wear tall hat styles.
Angular faces look good in most hat styles.
Heart shape faces look great in cloche style hats.

A hat is a summer essential for spring and summer.
Brims should be wide enough to cover face, neck, decollete.
Brims should not be broader than your shoulders.
Hats with round crowns are soft and romantic looking.
Tie a scarf or ribbon around hats that tie into what you are wearing.
Get comfortable wearing your hat at home before you venture out.
A fedora is a hat style that most women can pull off.

Believe it or not at one time you were not considered fully dressed without a hat. A hat is a way to show off your personality, it sets you apart from others and completes an outfit. A hat is a statement whether you’re just doing errands or attending a formal event.