Prince Knew the Power of Color

Prince knew the power of color!Prince Knew the Power of Color

The music icon Prince knew that color was POWER! Color conveys energy, confidence, youthfulness, happiness and positiveness.  He expressed his creativity and individuality through his music and clothes. We can all learn much about dressing, combining colors and expressing ourselves from him. He will continue to influence many generations in the future.

From the begining his costumes expressed creativity in bold colors, chic designs and plenty of sparkles. He wowed his audiences when he came out on stage.


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What Message Are You Sending By The Colors You Wear?
Believe it or not what colors you are wearing can describe how you are feeling and what type of person you are. If you are wearing bold colors such as red or yellow you will be noticed fairly quickly. These colors are  good “attention getters.” You are probably an outgoing, confident, and warm person with high self-esteem.

Color and Business Attire
Color implies energy and a youthful attitude. Top executives in any company set the fashion trends for the office workers. Women who have reached high levels in their fields are more confident and not afraid to wear more color even in many conservative companies. Before you decide on how much color you can wear to the office consider the top executives and how they dress. The type of work environment in your organization is another important factor.