What are Pre-Fall collections?

What are Pre-Fall collections?Pre-Fall collections usually arrive in stores sometime in mid-July. For the most part they offer a sneak peak at the new fall collections. Pre-fall gives fashion editors, journalists and retail buyers a preview of  designers official fall collections. It’s a way for for design houses to beef up their bottom lines before their fall items are delivered to the stores. Pre-Fall collections are wearable and are a way to update your fall wardrobe at slightly more affordable prices. There is a demand by fashionistas for these collections who love to shop early each season. Five pre-fall trends are 1) slim pant suits, 2) stripes, 3) the check jacket, 4) sequins and 5) the floral dress.

What are Pre-Fall collections? What are Pre-Fall collections? What are Pre-Fall collections?

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Playful Jewelry – Have fun with Charms!
Playful jewelry with charms is perfect for the new fashion mantra “casual style”. Charms are the new “it pieces” to personalize your Look. Charms on necklaces are the jewelry trend now. You can begin to collect one or more for a meaningful and unique piece of jewelry. Charm necklaces are a special way to jazz up your outfit(s) and they can have memories of a special trip, special date or your initials. Large or small doesn’t make a difference. One small charm gives a minimal look, two, three or more charms layered together or a large one on a chain necklace will make a statement.

Strappy heels or high thick heels with a jumpsuit?
The wedding in a restored barn, with a rock band sounds like a fun happening. Your jumpsuit sounds stylish with cap sleeves and an open back. You definitely want to wear shoes that will be comfortable to dance the night away and look great with your jumpsuit. If both styles of shoes are comfortable to dance in wear the ones that you think look better with your jumpsuit after a mirror test. If the thick high heels with an ankle strap in a gold lame print are comfortable and look good with your jumpsuit go with them. Weddings are to dress up and celebrate plus they sound more comfortable and will look festive.

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