Power Scarves for Professional Women

Power Scarves for Professional WomenSymbol of Success

There is nothing better or more luxurious in the scarf category than a Hermès silk scarf. This accessory (at least one) is a must have in the professional woman’s wardrobe. These scarves have beautiful designs and can add color to a basic suit or dress that says power and authority in a quiet way.

Hermès scarves are designed by artists from around the world and the average number of colors in a scarf is 27. It can take up to 18 months to produce one of these works of art with hand rolled edges making them very pricey, but  a career woman’s wardrobe essential!

10 Tips on choosing and wearing scarves:

1.    Choose a scarf that will enhance your outfit
2.    Choose colors that complement your skin and what you are wearing.
3.    Consider the size/proportion of the scarf.
4.    Print scarves look good with solid color clothes.
5.    Solid color scarves work well with print clothing.
6.    Get a sophisticated look by wearing a slightly darker or lighter scarf with a solid color outfit.
7.    Mix textures for a more interesting look.
8.    Only 1 piece of jewelry is necessary when wearing a scarf.
9.    The most versatile scarf is a long and thin scarf.
10.  Tie a scarf around the handle of your handbag to add interest to an outfit.



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