Power Dressing

Power DressingPower Dressing
What You Wear Makes A Difference

Senator Clinton agreed to appear on the February cover of VOGUE then bowed out, saying that being on the magazine would make her seem “too feminine” in her race for the presidency.


There is definitely a double standard for women when it comes to selecting clothing for power positions. Beauty is a commodity and beauty equals power. Dr. Nancy Etcoff, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School, reports in her book “Survival of the Prettiest” (1999), that attractive people have long been rewarded for their beauty throughout history. However, when women dress in feminine clothing for business they are not perceived as strong leaders.

What you wear has an impact on how you’re perceived. If you want your ideas to be heard in male dominated industries like law, finance, etc. wearing clothes that are crisp, well-fitting and conservative clothing  will help. If you want men to notice your feminine assets, tight-fitting clothing in poor taste like too much cleavage will work, but not in favor of your career.

Power Dressing Tips

  • Wear Tailored Suits and Dresses
  • Wear Flattering Styles
  • Wear Well Fitting Clothing (See Your Tailor)
  • Wear Strong Colors
  • Wear Clothing Made of Quality Fabric