How do you choose clothes with polka dots?

How do you choose clothes with polka dots?Polka dots are always in fashion. If you are petite clothing with tiny dots is most flattering.  Large size polka dots work for tall ladies. Polka dots on a light color back grounds generally flatter slim folks. Ladies that have a few extra pounds should choose polka dots on dark color backgrounds. Dots of any size on any color work for accessories like scarfs. Handbags with polka dots should be in proportion to your size. Dots are in fashion year round. They look festive during the holidays and are great on summer cottons and beach clothing. When it comes to color black and white combinations are sophisticated, pastels look pretty, bold colors such as red and yellow are fun and polka dots in beige and gray are elegant. Avoid clothing with huge dots if you are a small or large woman.


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Can I wear polka dots & stripes together?
Polka dots and stripes can be worn together. A black and white polka dot top looks awesome with a black and white striped skirt or vice versa a black and white striped top looks great with a black and white polka dot skirt. When wearing combining different prints keep them in the same color family.

Can you wear checks & stripes together?
Yes yCan you wear checks & stripes together?ou can wear checks and stripes together. Checks can also be worn with florals, polka dots and prints. When wearing checks and stripes balance your prints. Combine a large print with a more small-scale pattern that is similar. Also choose the same color family when combining checks with stripes or checks with florals or polka dots. Proportion or size of a print is very important. Largr prints will draw attention and emphasize the area where you wear them.

Edgy Style Mixing Prints
To mix prints takes even the most seasoned fashionista into dangerous trend waters. In the fashion world mixing prints and patterns was once a fashion don’t, but today it is a ragging fashion trend that continues to persist season after season. Mixing prints for work or play can be done tastefully, boldly, and artistically. So if you want to expand you fashion sense play around with prints, patterns, and textures. Here are some guidelines to follow when mixing prints.

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