Is a polka dot dress appropriate for a wedding guest? The dress is black & white. It’s a Memorial Day wedding in Connecticut.

Black & White Polka Dot DressA polka dot dress in black and white is appropriate for a wedding guest. The style of the dress, fabric and / or  accessories will dictate if you can wear it to a casual, semi-formal or formal wedding. Some polka dot dresses would be very stylish for morning or afternoon daytime weddings or casual evening weddings. But a polka dot dress will work for evening semi-formal or formal weddings if the dress is in a dressy fabric such as silk or chiffon. Check your invitation to determine the time, the location and what type of wedding it is. If you can’t tell from the invitation check with the hostess to find out the dress code.

Is a polka dot dress appropriate for a wedding guest? Is a polka dot dress appropriate for a wedding guest? polkadot_dress-black-and-white

Accessories say business in the left photo. Add a silver metallic clutch to the middle dress for dressy weddings and the right outfit says party time. Perfect for a casual evening wedding but not for a formal or semi-formal event.

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Party Dress Codes
It is almost always exciting and fun when a party invitation arrives. However sooner or later we have to start to think about what we will wear. When types of “dress codes” are indicated such as “Smart Casual”, “Cocktail Party attire,” “Tailgate Party”, “festive”,  “cocktail chic” or etc. it can throw us for a loop. Where should one begin to figure out what any of these types of dress codes mean?

Dressing Tips for Wedding Guests
Start by checking the wedding invitation for any dress code or specific wedding type. If it is a formal wedding it will probably indicate “Black Tie”.  Check where and when the wedding will take place. Answers to these questions will provide clues as to what is appropriate to wear. Today many couples have a wedding site that provides information on the theme or dress code for the wedding.