Playful Jewelry – Have fun with Charms! Jewelry – Have fun with Charms!

Playful jewelry with charms is perfect for the new fashion mantra “casual style”. Charms are the new “it pieces” to personalize your Look. Charms on necklaces are the jewelry trend now. You can begin to collect one or more for a meaningful and unique piece of jewelry. Charm necklaces are a special way to jazz up your outfit(s) and they can have memories of a special trip, special date or your initials. Large or small doesn’t make a difference. One small charm gives a minimal look, two, three or more charms layered together or a large one on a chain necklace will make a statement.

Charms that you would put on a charm bracelet will work on a charm necklace. String initials together or wear a single one. Add geometric shapes, a key, a gemstone or a gold tassel will all work on a charm necklace. Charms from some place special like Paris, an Eiffel Tower or from your African safari a Lion charm are remembrances of your vacation.

Ways to personalize a charm necklace are numerous. You can layer three single charm necklaces of different lengths together. Combining a charm necklace with several metal (gold or silver) chains is another way to go. Something colorful or beaded creates another look.