Personal Jewelry

Personal JewleryPersonal Jewelry

What is personal jewelry?

Personal jewelry is the hottest trend in jewelry today. What qualifies as personal jewelry is something deeply intimate. A functioning locket, ring or some jewelry with a secret compartment to hold something personal; something inscribed with a personal message or special date qualifies as personal jewelry. Jewelry having sentimental meanings such as a charm bracelet with charms from places you have visited over the years.

Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Memorialize somethig special. Baby tears, tears of sorrow or joy, a favorite fragrance or a child’s lock of hair are favorites in personal jewelry. Maybe a secret love token or message that has a private meaning only to the wearer.

Cremation jewelry holds a small portion of the cremated ashes of a deceased. You can  memorialize  a pet in jewelry with a hidden pet urn compartment designed to hold cremation ashes, fur, whiskers, soil or sand, etc.

Personal Jewelry Personal Jewelry Personal Jewelry



Personalized birthstone jewelry is another great way to express something personal to someone special. Each month has a different birthstone and each birthstone has special meanings. Many believe that wearing birthstone jewelry brings them good luck and protects them.

A gift for that special person that has everything.

Angelina Jolie thought it would be romantic to give her then husband, Billy Bob Thornton,  a locket with her blood to wear and she wore a locket with his blood when they were apart filming movies. Nothing more personal and intimate!