Perfect Fitting Pants Guide

Perfect Fitting Pants GuidePants Can be Dressed Up or Down

Perfect fitting pants or jeans are going to be different for different figure shapes. Most of us love wearing pants and we wear them most of the time, however there is no one size or style that fits all. Pants come in many styles and when they fit perfectly they look great and are comfortable. Finding the perfect pants means putting in some time trying on different styles to see which look best on you. Sizes often vary among different brands but once you find a brand that fits you, invest in several or many pairs in a neutral color.

Know your body type to find the best pants for you. Consult the mirror to see how they look on you and find a tailor that can make adjustments if needed. Simple style, solid color tailored pants with flat fronts look better than pleated front styles on most women. Avoid flap pockets unless you want to make your hips look wider.

Perfect Fitting Pants Guide Perfect Fitting Pants Guide Perfect Fitting Pants Guide

TheĀ rise, which is the measurement between the crotch and the top of the waistband and the style of the pant leg is crucial. If you are short long pants are your friend. Wide leg, cropped and cuffed pants will shorten the leg. Tall gals look awesome in wider legged pants, cropped pants and can wear cuffed pants. Wide hipped women do not look good in skinny ankle pants but look better in pants with boot cut bottoms. Pants with creased legs are slimming.

Long pants need to be the right length for the shoes you are wearing. You need a little longer pant leg with heels. Flats look better with little shorter length pants. Ankle pants and shorter style pants can be worn with flats or heels.

Pants are versatile and can be worn anywhere. They can be dressed up or down depending on the top and accessories you wear with them. Quality pants look better and last longer than cheapĀ  styles.. Check fabric, construction, zippers and linings, if there is one, before you buy pants..

More Tips:
Women with large hips or bulging stomachs should avoid low-rise pants .
Plus size women can wear wide hem pants.
Creased pants are flattering on plus size gals.
Pants with fancy back pockets show off your curves.
Printed pants are more flattering on thin women.
Geometric prints look great in the city.
Floral prints are stylish in the country.
Vertical striped pants elongate your legs.
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