The Perfect Accessory

The Perfect Accessory

The Perfect Accessory

The perfect accessory is a scarf. Scarves can make any outfit appear stylish and chic. If you’re new to scarves here are some tips on purchasing and wearing scarves. Collecting women’s fashion scarves in timeless styles, textures and various colors to wear for different outfits is an ongoing and fun activity.

Purchasing Scarves

A basic scarf wardrobe should include the following:

⦁ A Light and dark neutral pashmina scarf.
⦁ A dark neutral knit scarf.
⦁ Cotton scarves and
⦁ Colorful silk scarves.

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

How to Wear Scarves

Scarves in neutral colors, brown, black and cream/white are most versatile and great classics. You can usually wear these colors without any matching concerns since neutrals go with everything. Colorful and funky prints will give your outfits a color POP and amp up your style.

Some rules of thumb are to wear solid color scarves with print clothing and colorful print scarves with solid color outfits. Select print scarves that have some of the color of your dress and complements your outfit colors. Neck, scarves can highlight your face and draw attention upward away from your body.

Other consideration when choosing scarves are size and thickness. Small women should choose smaller size scarves, thinner fabric scarves and scarves with smaller prints. Tall and bigger women can wear bigger and bulkier scarves and scarves with larger prints. Heavy scarves can add bulk.

Mary Brown

Guest Writer

Mary Brown is a fashion and beauty editor who has worked for many fashion magazines.  Mary is based in Los Angeles and has a sharp and creative eye. She aspires to inspire women to feel positive from the inside out.