Are pearl necklaces still in style?

Are pearl necklaces still in style?Pearl necklaces are classic and never go out of style. Pearls have been around since Roman times and fashion icons like Coco Chanel have always worn pearls. Recently young women felt that pearl necklaces were old fashion or passé but the pendulum is swinging in another direction and many young women such as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, movie stars and entertainers are embracing pearl necklaces today. Young designers are creating new modern styles to choose from now so there are many more options. You can wear pearls with anything and they will ramp up an outfit and are flattering to everyone’s complexion. A pearl necklace is a symbol of purity, power and wealth.

Are pearl necklaces still in style? Are pearl necklaces still in style? Are pearl necklaces still in style?

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What is the most versatile necklace length?
The most versatile necklace length is especially important if you are considering purchasing an expensive necklace. You want to wear it with many different style tops and get your money’s worth. A sixteen to eighteen inch necklace is very versatile and can be worn with different styles of necklines. This length necklace will work with a jewel neckline, the V neckline of a shirt style blouse, boat- shape neckline or a strapless top. For different looks combine your necklace with other types and length necklaces. In other words you want to consider cost-per-wear (CPW) when spending money. Cost per wear means the more you wear it, the better the returns on your investment.

Should I wear pearl earrings when wearing a pearl necklace?
Pearl earrings do not have to be worn with a pearl necklace. However there is nothing wrong with wearing pearl earrings with pearl necklaces. Today a modern look is to combine pearl necklaces with other earrings such as diamond, colored stones, crystal beads or metals (gold & silver).  In addition pearl necklaces are stylish worn in different lengths together or combined with necklaces in other materials like gold, silver, etc. Experiment and try combining a pearl necklace(s) with diamond or sparkly (quality rhinestone) earrings or metal (gold & silver) earrings for a very chic look.