What pants styles are in this fall?

What pants styles are in this fall?Pants styles are numerous this season and anything goes, but this fall designers are bringing back wide legged trousers. Ken Downing, Neiman Marcus fashion director, says “The trophy trouser of the season is, hands down, the wide pant! Tailored with pleats, soft, with a paper-bag waist, or cut with the relaxed ease of a pajama—the most fashionable stride starts with a pant that’s wide!” Wide legged trousers are classic and simple and come in high-waisted or low-slung styles. High-waisted styles will lengthen the silhouette.The oversize shape pants are totally chic on long-legged females. Style wide bottom trousers with a fitted jacket, button down blouse or silk camisole and high-heels. They should be avoided by short-legged or petite women.

What pants styles are in this fall? What pants styles are in this fall? What pants styles are in this fall?


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Fashion Investments For Fall
Fashion investments for fall are plentiful and can add drama to your style. Something in velvet is a must have trend to invest in this fall. Velvet shoes, velvet blazers, velvet pants and tops are all the rage. Nothing is more luxurious and royal as velvet. Why not add something in red velvet and turn heads? Of course Sparkle and shine make bold statements and will add dazzle and chic to your wardrobe this season also.

How to Style Paperbag-Waist Pants
Paperbag-waist pants are high-waisted pants and when gathered at the waist have some fabric coming out at the top above the cinched area, somewhat like a tied paper bag. This style was big on the resort runways and offers a new feminine look for pant lovers. However this style draws attention to your waist area and is tricky to wear if you are thick in the middle.

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