What are the best style & color panties to wear?

What are the best style & color panties to wear? for casual, formal & party events?What are the best style & color panties to wear for casual, formal & party events?

When selecting the perfect style panty comfort and fit are key. There are numerous styles, colors, fabrics and cuts to choose from today. What panties you wear depends on your personal taste and the occasion you want to wear them and maybe your mood. For casual or everyday choose something basic, that fits ( in the right size) and that are comfortable. For formal and dressy occasions you might want to wear something lacey and sexy in the same color as the outfit you are wearing. Choose seamless styles when wearing pants or clingy clothing. As far as color wear neutral color panties under light color clothing and black or dark color panties with dark outfits. Print panties can show through some fabrics so are not as practical or wearable as often as solid colors.

Basic panty styles are:

What are the best style & color panties to wear? for casual, formal & party events?

Classic Brief – usually has a high rise. This style provides full coverage and a smooth silhouette.

Hi-cut brief – has a higher cut leg providing moderate to full coverage.

Bikini – has a low-rise, providing less rear coverage than the classic brief. This style is perfect under any outfit, and flatters all figures.

Boyshort – usually have a longer cut, extending to the very top of the thighs. This style is a feminine take on man’s boxer shorts but still feminine.

Thong – not a lot of coverage. Their triangle shaped front, thin sides, and minimal back make for a sure guarantee against panty lines.

Hipster – has a more square cut and a slightly higher rise than bikini styles. They have greater side coverage on the hips.