What to Pack for Your Next Vacation?

Travel Bags

One Travel Bag for Clothing
and a Smaller Bag for Travel Items

Vacation time is coming up soon and the question of what to pack is on your mind.  No matter where your travel destination is, a cruise, resort, hiking or one of the fashionable cities in the world, there are some fail safe tips that make packing for the trip easy.

Once you answer the following questions you are ready to start packing:

1)      What is the weather like where you are going?

2)      What activities will you be doing on vacation?

3)      Are you attending any event(s) like a wedding?

Start by laying out the outfits, with accessories and shoes that you plan to wear for each activity.  It is important to bring clothing that doesn’t need ironing like pants or knit dresses. (One exception is if you are attending a special event.) When planning your outfits be sure you can wear items more than once.  Bring items that are made with easy care fabrics when possible and choose one dark color  to anchor your look. Bright solid and print tops and everything else you bring should go with that color. It is better not to bring valuable jewelry or accessories when traveling, that can be lost or stolen.

Limit your footwear to 3 pairs of shoes and/or boots. Two pairs for daily activities and one pair for evening.  Bring three sets of underwear and legwear that you can wash out and dry at night. Bring one washable and quick drying nightgown or pair of pajamas. Once you have your outfits laid out see if there are any items you can go without.

Bring as little as possible. It is better to bring less and send things to the laundry or visit a wash and fold than to bring  too much stuff.  It is easier to keep track of what you bring especially if you are packing and unpacking a lot. Bring what will fit in one travel bag for clothing and a smaller bag for reading materials, medicine & travel items like passport, etc. Then make a list and start packing.

Packing Tip: Use plastic cleaning bags when folding pants to prevent wrinkles.

How to Pack a Bag for Travel


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