The NEW “It Bag”!

The NEW "It Bag"!The NEW “It Bag”!

The New “It Bag” is a smaller or a downsized signature brand bag that holds your essentials. What do you actually have to carry in a bag but your keys, credit cards, lipstick, eyeglasses and cell / smart phone? A smaller or downsized bag makes fashion sense when you realize the fashion pendulum always swings in the opposite direction and the oversized, gigantic bags have had a long run.


Today our cell / smart phones store all kinds of info and allow access to directions, news, our notes, etc., etc., etc. making it unnecessary to lug around a lot of things. A smaller sized bag sends the message that you are an organized person and are stylish and chic.

One advantage of a smaller sized bag is that it moves from day into evening seamlessly. A small bag complements stylish outfits or classics and makes finding things much easier than rummaging through  a big bag full of “stuff”.

Designers’ Brands who have jumped on the downsized bags bandwagon are Valentino’s Rockstud Micro, Chanel’s Mini Flap (pictured above), Fendi’s Peekaboo Mini Satchel, YSL’s Blogger Bag and Gucci’s Mini GG Marmont.

The NEW "It Bag"! The NEW "It Bag"! The NEW "It Bag"!


After you take a look at these designer offerings, if you think they are a bit pricey, take a look at the bag selection in your favorite boutique or department store and find something small that suits you.
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