Networking Has Long Term Advantages

Networking Has Long Term Advantages

Networking Provides Strong Work Relationships

Whether the economy is up or down, whether your job seems secure or insecure, there are enormous long-term benefits to networking.  There are many Internet sites that allow you to stay in touch with friends and former business associates.  There is also a twitter and internet text messaging to let others know what you are doing and to remind them of your relationship. While these can be very personal on a certain level, they do not offer the kind of interaction that face-to-face conversations permit.

Getting together with current and past business associates, supplemented by the Internet communication channels, provides a stronger basis for building stronger, closer relationships.    There are many possibilities to create interpersonal dialogue: breakfast, lunch or an after work drink are the most common socializing opportunities.  Parties and dinner invitations provide even more in depth possibilities for “bonding together”.
So make a list of those whom you think can help you throughout your career.  Generally this list should consist of people you respect and admire.  On the ladder of success, they can be above you, your peers or below you.  Work your way through the lists trying to create personal meetings.  Keep notes about your conversations, especially personal items in their lives.  When you circle back for a second meeting, you’ll have material to discuss as you seek updates to whatever was shared in the first meeting.

If you attack networking with the same diligence that you attack your work assignments, you’ll find that you will wind up with a pool of talent that can provide perspective when you are faced with challenging circumstances.  The rough spots in your career development will be made smoother by knowing a wide network of successful people. Begin by joining a business networking group.


R. David Silva

Career Editor

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