Nail Fashion Trends

Nail Fashion Trends

Skin Tone, Nail shape, Season, Fashion & Personality
All play a part in the Nail Polish We Wear

Cheryl-Lu Lien Tan, WSJ*, interviewed Estee Lauder’s Jennifer Balbier, senior vp of global product development, artistry brands, regarding choosing a nail color. Skin tone, nail shape, season, fashion and personality have a lot to do with the color of nail polish we wear.


Ms. Balbier says when it comes to skin tone women with olive skin look best in warm colors of polish. Fair skin females should go for opaque polish colors and look very chic in red translucent colors. The dark skin damsel should choose a polish with a little pearl in it.

When it comes to nail shape long, pointy, nails imply sexy, mysterious, inventiveness and a willingness to try new things. Short nails say a confident and no nonsense woman.

She says that fall fashion looks best with deep shades of color because they are perfect with darker and heavier fabrics. Try brown shades with a hint of gold, deep reds, blues and deep greenish blues with your fall clothes. Gray and grayish-black are hot nail colors this fall. Black and navy are fall nail colors and considered fall staples. Nudes (not pink) are popular fall neutrals.

Nail Fashion Trends & Tips:

  • No bright or fluorescent nail colors after Labor day.
  • Deep dark purple or red with a shiny top coat are good colors for conservative women.
  • Wear gold nail polish with deep toned jewelry.
  • Pale stones like aquamarine look great with cool colors.
  • When wearing dark color clothing pick a shade of black with some shine or hints of blue green.
  • Nail art is not appropriate in most work places. An interesting look is to just have your pinkie finger painted with nail art.
  • Finger nails and toe nails should not match unless you are very conservative.
  • Don’t match nails to lipstick or other accessories.