Must Have Accessories for Fall 2015

Must Have Accessories for Fall 2015 Must Have Accessories for Fall 2015 Must Have Accessories for Fall 2015

Must Have Accessories for Fall 2015

Below are accessories for fall 2015 that will add style to any outfit. Accessories allow you to personalize what you wear and express yourself. By changing the accessories you wear with your basic wardrobe pieces you can have many different looking outfits.


1) Brooches – The bigger the better, be sure it’s oversized. What better way to create buzz, make a statement and / or start a conversation with a stranger. Brooches have been around forever and go in and out of fashion. However a brooch is a classic piece of jewelry and you can’t have too many in your jewelry box. There are a variety of ways to wear brooches. Pin a brooch on a hat, headband, necklace, handbag, jacket, coat or a dress. Experiment pinning brooches different places and create your own style.

The Brooch Trend

2) Single earrings have been hot for a few seasons. If you go for a single make it big. Wearing a  single earring is a great way to set yourself apart from the pack. They look great with short hair or hairstyles that are pulled back. Best worn for social events not cool at the office.

Single Earring Trend

3) A beret like any hat adds flair to an outfit whether casual or dressy. You can wear a beret with jeans or something that shouts classic. Styles vary from slouchy, structured, simply plain or decorated. Add a brooch and you can send a message that you are chic and up to date.

The Beret Trend 2015 The Beret Trend 2015 accessory_beret-leopard

4) Velvet shoes are a NEW footwear trend this season. They say luxe but are hardly practical! But do we always need to be practical? Why not wear a pair of velvet shoes to the next cocktail party or event like the symphony or even with your favorite jeans out to dinner.

Velvet Shoe Trend 2015 The Velvet Shoe Trend 2015 accessories_velvet-shoes-purple