Are “mules” old fashion or in style?

Are "mules" old fashion or in style?Mules are backless shoes and are seeing a rebirth. Stylists, fashion bloggers and socialites have been seen wearing them. To look stylish wearing the mule style shoe select a pair with a high vamp (the top of the shoe is more covered up). Mules look great with dresses and skirts that come down just below your knee. They are tres` chic worn with slim, cropped pants.

Are "mules" old fashion or in style? Are "mules" old fashion or in style? Are "mules" old fashion or in style?


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Design Your Own Shoes

Design your own shoes. When the shoe fits you can wear it. Maybe there is a “perfect pair” or pairs of shoes for all of us. Now you can get the latest shoe styles that you can walk in and be comfortable in at the same time. Shoes of Prey a company in Australia is an online resource for designing your own shoes.

Walking in Fiercness – DeeFind Shoes
San Francisco’s RAWards features some of the Bay Area’s most creative and talented designers, musicians, and artists. Friend and artist DierdreWallace a recipient of the award is the creator and designer of DeeFind shoes.  She has been featured in Hip Hop Weekly Magazine and has been in Fashion shows on both sides of the coasts including San Francisco and New York. Wild, adventurous, stylish, and not to mention fierce, describes not only her shoes but describes Dierdre as well.

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