Can I wear velvet to a movie premier in March?

Can I wear velvet to a movie premier in March?A movie premier sounds like a fun special event. You get to see a new movie before it opens to the public. Velvet is soooo luxurious and sensual! Something in velvet should be perfect in March and perfect for a movie premier. If the group going to this event is more laid back, something like casual velvet jeans or pants would be fabulous and would look fine with a “T”, sweater or shirt style blouse in denim. Shoe options would be, sneakers, ankle shoes, flats or pumps. If this is a more formal event you can go with a cocktail style dress in velvet or ramp up a classic velvet sheath, pants or skirt outfit with a piece of statement jewelry. An other option is to wear a velvet pantsuit. You can dress it up or down depending on top and accessories.

Can I wear velvet to a movie premier in March? Can I wear velvet to a movie premier in March? Can I wear velvet to a movie premier in March?

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What jewelry would highlight a velvet outfit?
A velvet outfit would look awesome with many types of jewelry. Gold, silver, pearls, sparkly (diamonds or rhinestones) or arty jewelry all can work with velvet. The trick to selecting the right jewelry to wear with a velvet outfit is knowing the style of what you are wearing and where you are wearing it. Today some folks wear velvet with casual clothes, others might wear something in velvet to the office or for a dressy occasion. A little experimenting is the best way to go. Because there are few if any rules any more when it comes to fashion, try different style pieces with what you are wearing to see what rocks your outfit. For the office a conservative approach is the way to go. A narrow ribbon tied around your neck is another option depending on the neckline of what you are wearing. The most important thing is be sure what you go out the door wearing looks flattering on you.

Should I wear a silk blouse or velvet blouse with velvet pants & velvet jacket?
A blouse can add personal style to an outfit. With velvet pants and a velvet jacket a silk blouse would be very chic. The mixing of fabrics and / or textures helps make an outfit more interesting. Wearing a velvet blouse with velvet pants and a velvet jacket would look matchy, matchy and not very exciting. Also, you have the option of removing your jacket when you wear a beautiful blouse with your outfit. Depending on the style of your jacket you might be able to wear the pants & jacket without a blouse and add a statement necklace to the ensemble.

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