What can I wear to my mother-in-law’s for Thanksgiving?

What can I wear to my mother-in-law's for Thanksgiving?Mother-in-law’s Thanksgiving dinners are very special. A dinner at someone’s home for Thanksgiving calls for clothes that are more casual than eating at a restaurant unless semi-formal or formal are specified. Something on the more conservative side is always a no-brainer. Today young women dress much more casual, for everything, than there mother’s and mother-in-law’s did 20 years ago. However a Thanksgiving dinner at in-laws is an opportunity to show your respect by wearing something in good taste. A casual style dress or jean style pants in a color or dressy fabric like velvet or leather is an idea. (Absolutely no torn, ripped or distressed jeans.) With the right accessories they are a great choice. Also separates are a good choice and you can mix something classic with denim for a modern but casual look.

What can I wear to my mother-in-law's for Thanksgiving? What can I wear to my mother-in-law's for Thanksgiving? What can I wear to my mother-in-law's for Thanksgiving?

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Are jeans appropriate to wear for Thanksgiving dinner? I am invited to my boyfriend’s.
Jeans are wardrobe staples today and with the proper styling they can look très chic. Jeans come in a number of fabrics, colors and different styles, slim, straight, boot cut etc. If you wear pants/ jeans that fit properly and look flattering on your body type they are jeans appropriate to wear on Thanksgiving. For example velvet jeans are more dressy than denim jeans. Or denim jeans with a lace or velvet top will ramp up your outfits look. A velvet bomber jacket would look modern with denim jeans and a white blouse with a piece of statement jewelry. Interesting accessories and / or jewelry can give you a very stylish look. If you have never met your boyfriend’s family it is best to error on being more conservative and showing good taste in your clothes. Good taste means do not wear clothes that are too tight, too short or too low-cut. Tip: Distressed jeans are not jeans appropriate.

How can I dress down a formal piece?
A formal piece can be dressed down with a casual piece. Denim, bold accessories, big bags and low heel shoes will tone down a dressy item. For example pair sneakers with a sequin skirt. Add a denim or moto jacket to a velvet skirt. Wearing a pullover sweater and a backpack over a dress is another way to dress down a formal piece. Edgy shades and chunky platforms will tone down a cocktail dress for daytime. Pair a print with sequins in the same colors or a dressy blouse with jeans. Play around with things you have in your closet for ideas that will work for you.

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