A Modern Classic – The Man’s Shirt


A Modern Classic A Modern Classic A Modern Classic

Classic and Versatile in Endless Varieties

A modern classic, the man’s style shirt, is this seasons low-key chic. A classic man’s shirt style  blouse is the perfect transitional piece to bring you into the next season.  Man’s shirt style blouses come in a variety of colors, white, pinstripe or check.  Wear them all year around. The shirt is smart, ageless and seductive.


Choose an oversized man’s shirt style and tuck it into pants or a skirt and pull it loose in the back for a chic look. A slim version of the shirt that is fitted looks fabulous with full skirts. For a more laid back look roll up the sleeves of a man’s shirt or wear your shirt over a tee or tank top as a wrap.

You can’t beat a white shirt  with a dressy skirt or black velvet pants and heels for a soiree. Wear unbuttoned to the sternum for a very sexy look. Sheer white shirts look great with black bras for an edgy style. In other words you can’t have too many in your closet.

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Build A Basic Wardrobe
There is no perfect basic wardrobe that applies to all. A basic wardrobe takes into consideration lifestyle or clothing for all of our activities. If you are a hockey coach your wardrobe is going to be a lot different from a corporate lawyer’s. However when we choose a basic article of clothing it is something we should plan on wearing many times (getting our money’s worth). These items are like good investments since they will reward us many times in the future. When buying basics purchase quality pieces, not necessarily the most expensive.

How can I determine a clothing budget?
A clothing budget is a necessity. Having a budget will help you dress well, look good and stretch your clothing dollars . Decide how much you can spend on clothing for the year. Then list the activities you do to get an idea of clothing you need to wear. Also take into consideration the weather where you live. If you live in a warm climate spend 3/4 to 2/3 on lighter weight clothing and the balance on heavier clothing. The opposite holds true if you live in a cold climate. The majority of your budget will go towards purchasing cold weather clothes.

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