What is the meaning of plissé?

What is the meaning of plissé?Plissé is a French word meaning pleated. You will see the word used as an adjective to describe certain fashion styles of clothing such as a “plissé skirt”. A looser definition of plissé might be used to describe permanently puckered, crumpled, or folded fabrics used in fashions.

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Pleats a High Point of Fashion
Pleats are very hot fashion trends 2014. There are a variety of pleated  skirts or pleats as details on pants, blouses or dresses. Pleated skirts and dresses were shown in  a variety of hemline lengths and fabrics at runway shows. Of course pleated skirts are classics that have stood the test of time.  There is a youthfulness about pleated skirts. In light weight fabrics like chiffon and silk pleated skirts are swingy, energetic and feminine. Skinny pleats elongate your look with skirts that are knee-length or longer but wide pleats can add inches to your hips.

Spring 2014 Fashion Trends: Empowered Women
This spring 2014 designers are taking into consideration the strong and independent woman. Fashion is about women wearing what they want and there is something for every woman in the spring 2014 fashion collections. Exaggerations are the norm: hemlines are high or low, trousers are tight or wide and shoes have sky high heels or are with flat soles.  There are many very feminine, easy and wearable clothing styles to choose from.